2018 Reporters’ Look Back: Major vaccine scandal leads to new legislation

Babak Javid received an interview from China Global Television Network to comment on the major vaccine scandal in China, 2018. “Because vaccines prevent rather than treat diseases, safety has to be the number one consideration. China has been historically fantastic at having excellent coverage and my concern is that there is a further erosion ofContinue reading “2018 Reporters’ Look Back: Major vaccine scandal leads to new legislation”

December 2018: Farewell, Miaomiao!

Miaomiao Pan is leaving her technician post and starting working as researcher in Global Health Drug Discovery Institute (GHDDI). Many thanks to her hard work, recorded as her names in the publications. And what is more precious, the techniques and altruistic motives from Miaomiao would be past on and on, as her instillation into us atContinue reading “December 2018: Farewell, Miaomiao!”

December 2018: Javid Lab got awarded in CIDR retreat

Javid Lab participated the Symposium on Infectious Diseases and Global Health 2018, hold by the department CIDR, THU. Lab members shared the research projects with faculty and students of CIDR by oral reports and posters. Yiwei Zhang and Zhuo Bi gave exciting talks introducing their work. Jiayao Hong, Yayun Zheng, Zhenqi Wang and Shizheng ZhuContinue reading “December 2018: Javid Lab got awarded in CIDR retreat”