December 2018: Javid Lab got awarded in CIDR retreat

Javid Lab participated the Symposium on Infectious Diseases and Global Health 2018, hold by the department CIDR, THU. Lab members shared the research projects with faculty and students of CIDR by oral reports and posters.

Yiwei Zhang and Zhuo Bi gave exciting talks introducing their work.

Yiwei Zhang shared her story of HspX Promotes the Polar Localization of Protein Aggregates in Mycobacterium smegmatis and won the second prize of oral report.
Zhuo Bi reported her progress on A Suppressor Screen Identifies Factors Involved in Mycobacterial Translation Fidelity and got the third prize of oral report.

Jiayao Hong, Yayun Zheng, Zhenqi Wang and Shizheng Zhu shared the ongoing progress of their projects by posters.

Yayun Zheng’s poster about Functional Discovery of an Ambiguous tRNA in Homo sapiens won the second prize.

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